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"I haven't made so much progress with Dutch in past 3 years as I made in last 4 months while I am taking Dutch lessons from Kat. Because I travel a lot, I take her 'virtual' lessons over Internet and Skype. It is very good and intensive 1 to 1 lectures and I can do it from any place in the world. Katerina is very knowledgeable about Dutch language and culture and has very good tution skills, she can explain everything very clearly and finds the right pace for anybody to easily follow the subject. Taalservice Utrecht rocks!"

Jakub, student

"From the first moment I had contact with Kat she was friendly, personable and very professional. Her knowledge of languages and her ability to communicate even the most subtle of differences in language made her an invaluable teacher. It was a real pleasure learning with Kat and I'd recommend her taalservice without hesitation. Dank u wel!"

Shaun, student

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"I took both private and group lessons at Kat's and enjoyed both. She works with different books and different material, easily detects your strengths, weeknessess and interests and plans her classes the way that they are most effective and also most fun - both in private but also in group lessons! She is also very flexible and understanding, nice and easy to talk to. Eventhough she is "fun" she never looses focus and always stays professional. 
Regarding time planning etc she always trys to find the best solutions. I would recommend her classes any time to anyone! She will always find the right studying style and material for you, no matter if you want to study dutch casually for daily life in Holland or if you need to learn dutch very fast for work, integration etc."

Hanna, student